Central Florida is a haven for theme and amusement park enthusiasts. Epcot, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Universal Studios, Seaworld. Florida has it all. But the biggest attraction in all of Florida is right here in Orlando. Walt Disney World. WDW, for short.

Planning a trip to Disney World can be a daunting task. There are secret attractions, park foodie favorites, new ride releases, and novelty merch. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the top Disney influencers, bloggers, and vloggers to help guide your WDW journey and make sure you have the perfect family-friendly or adult-only getaway while staying at one of our conveniently located Kissimmee or Davenport, Florida vacation rentals.

These are the 29 best online sources of Disney news and valuable Disney travel planning tips!

Best Disney YouTube Channels & Disney Vlogs

Vlogs on platforms like YouTube are a great way to get a visual sense of Disney.

1. The Disney Food Blog

Let’s start with the most important part of every Disney World trip. The food. Or at least Disney Food Blog thinks so. This YouTube is dedicated to dissecting everything edible within the Disney universe and recommending the best eats to add to your bucket list. Start your park planning here.

2. The Tim Tracker

While The Tim Tracker is not a Disney exclusive vlogger, they are among the most prominent Youtubers in the Orlando area. Their Disneyworld Vlogs, in particular, are super informative and really showcase what you can pack into a single day in the park.

3. Mickey Views

Photo Credit: Ritu Manoj Jethani

Self-proclaimed to be your one-stop shop for all things Disney, Mickey Views delivers in the diversity of topics covered. You can expect new ride releases, proposed park overhauls, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and personal recommendations on how Disney could improve their parks.

4. Theme Park Stop

Alicia Stella covers all the news and rumored happenings of theme parks in Orlando and elsewhere in the globe. While you’re not going to find tips to plan your visit, you will find exciting park news — often heard on the Theme Park Stop first!

5. The Orlando Real

Ken Pozak is not your typical Disney influencer. He’s actually an Orlando real estate agent who also extensively covers the local theme parks on his The Orlando Real YouTube channel and is a great resource for all the fun things to do in the Orlando area!

6. Paging Mr. Morrow

This Disney vlogger posts videos about a variety of Disney-related topics from Japan to Disneyworld Florida. He loves to cover the best eats in the parks, the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, and other Disney events. The Paging Mr. Morrow YouTube channel is down-to-earth and very relatable.

7. DSNY Newscast

Photo Credit: C-S

Want to know what’s going on in the world of Disney? The DSNY Newscast is the Vlog for you. Rather than focusing on one person’s experience in any parks, this vlog dives into Disney news and helps you stay up to date on all Disney happenings.

8. Adam Hattan

Tired of only American perspectives? Try Adam Hattan’s vlog instead. He’s a British WDW lover who creates long-form videos about his experiences on Disney Cruise Line and within the Disney Parks.

Best Disney Content Creators/Influencers

YouTube isn’t for everyone. Social Media creators on Instagram often offer more valuable Disney info in shorter amounts of time. These are our favorite Disney fans on Instagram (& TikTok).

9. Disney Foodie

Photo Credit: Daria Grebenchuk

IG: @disney_foodie

Want to see crisp clear photos of all the best things you can eat in Disneyland? Disney Foodie has got you covered. The account also covers exactly where to find each tasty treat.

10. Vegan Disney World

IG: @vegandisneyworld

This account covers exactly what the name promises. Consider Melissa your complete and up-to-date guide on all the best Vegan-friendly meals to indulge in on your next visit.

11. California Disney Bliss

Photo Credit: dorengo5

IG: @Californiadisneybliss

Warning! This Disney Guru is based in California. This means that Bridget doesn’t cover Disney World but rather Disneyland! Her excitement over the Disney Theme Parks is infectious and bound to get you stoked to visit Disneyworld during your Florida vacation. Her videos are unique and more from a personal perspective, so you can see the park from her eyes.

12. Chasing Magic Daily

IG: @chasingmagicdaily

Lindsay is a Disney Mom. She’s brimming with tips for traveling with your littles to Disney Parks and is also friends with Bridget from California Disney Bliss. While most of her content is also based around the California Parks, she’s well worth a follow for all the Disney Lovers out there.

An honorary mention goes tc @magicintoontown and @morningswithmickey, who also spend time in(fluencing) the parks on Main Street with Lindsay and Bridget. If you have a Disneyland, California trip on the books, be sure to check out all four of them for the best family-friendly tips.

13. Magical Tour Guide

IG: @magicaltourguide

If you’re looking for actionable tips to get the insider experiences at WDW for your first-time visit then Sharon has some gems in her Instagram feed.

14. Magical Places Family

IG: @magicalplacesfamily

Camille from the Magical Places Family is the best account to follow on this list if you are looking for secret strategies to cut down on time spent in line, where to get unique merch, iconic snacks, and other important Disney strategies to maximize your time in the park. She’s a planner and gives A++ information.

15. Bethany Vinton

Photo Credit: Maria Maarbes

IG: @Bethanyvinton

Food and Disney Tips combine to create a personal account that all Disney Lovers love to follow. Bethany offers up her honest take on WDW food and Walt Disney Cruises. What makes her Instagram info unique? She’s got all the hot tips on where to drink in Walt Disney World! Theme parks can be for adults, too.

16. History at Disney

IG: @historyatdisney

This Instagram account caters to history buffs and delves into Walk Disney himself. It walks you through the wild ride of the Walk Disney Companies creation with inside stories.

Best Disney Podcasts

These four podcasts dive deep into various aspects of Disney Magic.

17. Disney Travel Secrets

The Disney Travel Secrets podcast covers how to avoid Disney scams, hidden treasures on Disney Cruises, and how to pack the perfect Disney bag.

18. The Happiest Plate on Earth

Foodie’s rejoice! The Happiest Plate on Earth covers exactly what you should eat at Disney Springs, the best restaurants in the parks and at the Walt Disney World Resorts, and what’s worth eating at the Epcot festivals.

19. Be Our Guest WDW Podcast

Photo Credit: Junior Braz

This award-winning Disney Pod covers everything you would EVER need to know about Walt Disney World.

20. Main Street Dish Podcast

Co-hosted by Bethany Vinton (from the Influencers above), the Main Street Dish Podcast covers all things foodie and alcohol-related within the Disney parks. Both California and Florida!

Best Disney Bloggers & Websites

Now that you’ve been properly influenced and are excited to visit a Disney Park on your next Florida Trip, you’re ready to dig into the details. These websites will help you get ready to tackle the park with vigor, knowing all the insider expert tips and tricks.

21. All Ears

Photo Credit: Wirestock Creators

While All Ears might not be the most modern-looking website, it delivers value. Here, you can see what’s going on with the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Universal Orlando news, and so much more.

22. Yesterland

This super niche blog doesn’t offer any insights into planning your future Disney trip. Rather, it showcases all the defunct and retired Disney rides of the past. Yesterland covers Disneyland, Disneyworld, and all the international parks as well!

23. Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos

From special park events like RunDisney to planning the perfect park experience for you and the whole family, this uber-dedicated blogger has all the details. She documents all her dining and hotel reviews from each park as well as super in-depth vacation planning guides on Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos.

24. Disney Tourist Blog

Get your Disney World News and vacation planning tips in the same place at the Disney Tourist Blog. With novel blog topics like tips for pin trading (a popular pastime for parkgoers) and where to see the brand-new drone shows within the parks.

25. WDW Prep School

Are you trying to plan your Disney Vacation and struggling to know where to start? Use Shannon Albert’s six-step process to plan the perfect WDW trip. The WDW Prep School is the most comprehensive guide to Walt Disney World on the internet. She visits the park monthly and has stayed at every single resort. This wealth of knowledge means she is known to have the best recommendations for parkgoers.

26. Dad’s Guide to Walt Disney World

While much of the Disney info is often from Mom’s POV, this website is dedicated to Dads. On the Dad’s Guide to Walt Disney World, You’ll find all the usual tips and tricks, like how to plan the perfect trip, skip the crowds, and prioritize which rides, but all of it will be from the perspective of the website’s very own “dad.”

27. The Disney Blog

By fans, for fans. The Disney Blog is a compilation of all the latest WDW news today.

28. Blog Mickey

Photo Credit: JHVEPhoto

The Blog Mickey is another excellent website dedicated solely to the most up-to-date news regarding the Disney universe. Check out what’s going on at Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, or Animal Kingdom.

29. Polka Dots and Pixie Dust

Sleek and useful, the Polka Dots and Pixie Dust travel blog is focused solely on Disney and broken down by park. You can scroll through hundreds of useful blog posts about each park, covering not only day-to-day trip planning but also special events and festivals, as well as things you can do to embrace the Disney spirit from home.

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